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Denessa Smith Memorial Celebration [Jul. 31st, 2008|11:45 pm]
Lansing Pagan Village



Denessa Smith Memorial Celebration

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

7pm to 10 pm

7:30 pm Ritual

Bishop Park, Wyandotte, MI



Please join the Pagan community to honor Denessa's life and work. Come raise your voices with Michelle Belanger, Dorothy Morrison, Coventry Creations, Cov/42 Productions, FOCAS, MEC, Pagan Path Community Center, Pagan Pride Detroit, Undeniable Entertainment, Witches of Michigan and members of the Tempest Smith Foundation along with tributes from Christopher Penczak and Kerr Cuhulain.


Denessa was able to bring hope out of tragedy, and that will be our goal with this group ritual.


This ceremony is going to be a memorial, but it is also going to be a celebration. Denessa was a woman who drank deeply of wine and pleasure and flesh and joy, and, accordingly, we ask that people bring their best desserts and other favorite sweets and drinks to share (as it's a public park, no alcohol). Please also bring a chair. If you have not shared comments for the family at www.mec-mi.org, feel free to bring a single page with a blessing, comment, or prayer for Denessa that will be passed on to the family.


If you would like to make donations to the family or to continue Denessa's vision, you may bring a check made out to Annette Crossman or follow the instructions on the above website.